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This site has been written by some of the barrister members of 20 Essex Street particularly: Angharad Parry, Josephine Davies, Albert DinelliOliver CaplinMonica Feria-Tinta, Belinda McRaeAlexander ThompsonSam Goodman and Mark Tushingham.  Further support and content has been provided by: Alex Layton QC and Sara Masters QC. There are links to all of their posts below.

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Angharad Parry Angharad Parry
Angharad has a broad practice in commercial litigation and arbitration work, with a particular interest in commodities, energy and natural resources. Her work frequently involves conflicts of law and private international issues arising from complex litigation and arbitration spanning multiple jurisdictions.
Find out more about Angharad and see her posts.

Josephine Davies Josephine Davies
Josephine has a wide-ranging practice in commercial and competition law. Disputes about jurisdiction and applicable law feature regularly in her work for clients worldwide. She also enjoys managing blogs on the subject!
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Albert Dinelli
Albert practises in a wide range of commercial and multi-jurisdictional disputes, many of which raise questions of private international law. He has written extensively on the topic, having completed his doctorate in the area under the supervision of Professor Adrian Briggs at the University of Oxford. Albert also maintains chambers in Australia, and occasionally posts about developments in private international law from down under.
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Edward Ho Oliver Caplin
Oliver has a broad commercial practice, with a particular interest in cases which give rise to issues of private international law. He appears in the Commercial Court regularly, and has particular experience of obtaining and resisting anti-suit injunctions.
Find out more about Oliver and see his posts.

Monica Feria-Tinta Monica Feria-Tinta
Monica practises in public international law, conflict of laws and international arbitration. She is dually trained in the civil and common law systems and has broad experience acting for States and private parties. Her expertise covers all areas across the field of PIL including its interfaces with commercial matters. Find out more about Monica and see her posts.

Belinda McRae Belinda McRae
Belinda advises on all areas of commercial law. She has a particular specialisation in international arbitration (both commercial and investment), private international law and public international law. She is qualified in both England and Australia.
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Alexander Thompson Alexander Thompson
Alexander specialises in commercial litigation, where he advises and represents clients from across the world. Private international law regularly features in his cases, which encompass cross-border disputes in company and insolvency law, banking and financial services, insurance, and energy and natural resources.
Find out more about Alexander and see his posts.

Sam Goodman Sam Goodman
Sam has a broad commercial practice with a particular interest in cases involving issues of private international law. He was involved in the Chevron v Ecuador litigation as part of the team resisting the Republic of Ecuador’s attempts to enforce an $18bn judgment in several jurisdictions. Sam was previously a Teaching Fellow at University College London, where he taught on the Conflict of Laws course.
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Mark Tushingham Mark Tushingham
Mark’s practice covers many areas of commercial law. He has experience in cases raising issues of private international law, including jurisdiction, applicable law and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.
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With further support and content from…

Alexander Layton QC Alex Layton QC
Alex has a wide-ranging private international law practice in both litigation and arbitration. For 30 years has been recognised as a leading expert, author and occasional lecturer on the Brussels-Lugano regime and has appeared in many leading private international law cases, including representing the UK government in West Tankers. He holds or has held various posts in international legal organisations and is a visiting professor at King’s College London.
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Sara Masters QC Sara Masters QC
Sara specialises in all areas of commercial law both as Counsel and as an arbitrator. She has a particular interest in jurisdictional disputes and conflicts of law and appeared in the seminal West Tankers case. Sara is European editor of The White Book and also edits the sections dealing with service out of the jurisdiction, jurisdiction challenges and depositions and evidence for foreign courts.
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