This blog is produced by barrister members of 20 Essex Street chambers.  You can find out more about them on the “authors” page.

We work in a range of areas (notably commercial law of all types, competition law, insolvency and public international law).  Our cases are heard in court and in arbitration.  A common feature of our work is internationalism and, with it, disputes about the proper forum for a case to be heard and the proper law to be applied to any given question.

All barrister members of 20 Essex Street are English qualified and the majority of posts (and the whole of the toolkit) are from an English law perspective (which, of course, covers EU matters). We are also able to offer comment on some Australian and Singapore cases and questions arising in relation to the resolution of public international law disputes in international tribunals.

This site aims to provide a useful update on recent cases concerning jurisdiction and applicable law.  In the blog, we try to draw together some thoughts on recent law in the area.  We’ve also included some useful resources in our toolkit.

We hope you find our site useful but we are obliged to add the usual disclaimers. The site does not offer legal advice, should not be relied upon in place of such advice and we assume no legal obligation to our readers (see the full disclaimer here). The views expressed are the personal views of the relevant authors.

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